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Were you in a motor vehicle accident? Are you suffering from headaches, back pain, or stiffness? All of our therapists are trained to help you return to a pain free lifestyle.

  • You must have a claim number from ICBC
  • ICBC provides 12 free sessions of RMT within 12 weeks of your accident
  • First session is 45 mins, subsequent sessions are 30 mins
  • You may choose to extend your treatment time by paying a user fee
  • If you require more sessions due to the nature of your injury, additional sessions can be requested from ICBC
  • Please contact us for more information


Do you have extended insurance from work or school? We are able to do direct billing to most insurance companies and help you save time and energy !! Depending on your coverage, your treatment may be partially or fully covered.

We direct bill to companies such as:


At Sunshine RMT we take special care with pregnant clients to ensure the safety of the mother as well as the baby. If you are pregnant, it is safe to receive a massage from any one of our highly trained therapists. For your comfort, you may lay on your side or be face down using a special body pillow made specifically for pregnancy. We can with your upper and low back pain, or if your prefer, just to relax with some Swedish massage.

After your pregnancy, you may have some back pain, or other ongoing issues related to your pregnancy. Our RMTs can help you manage your concerns through massage or by prescribing some homecare that fits yours specific needs.

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